Tuesday, November 12, 2013


                                                                                            GOOD VIBRATIONS
One of the more recent additons to the nail salon is the vibrating chair. Some nail artists give the customer a choice; others flip the switch, maybe to keep the client from trying to tell her life story. You really can’t talk when this chair is shaking every part of your anatomy.  You’re doing your best to hold still so you don’t end up with polish on your probiscus.

The first time I experienced the vibrating chair, my lips broke into the letter O. The  sensation I was feeling in my back gradually wormed its way down my spine into my buttocks. I never had this feeling in daylight. The seat of the chair actually seemed to rise under me, and the back of the seat pushed me forward until I had to hang on so as not to fall into the exfoliant. The O spread into an AH, and I quickly realized that I needed to get a grip. The knuckle-like kneading released all tension from my body, and I soon found myself eyes-closed, lips moistened, fantasizing about nude beaches in St. Barts. Somewhere in the distance, I heard a voice. It became louder. I opened my eyes and saw the nice man on the stool below trying to get my attention. “Do you want same color on nails?” “Ah, O, yes, that would be fine,” I purred.