Friday, November 22, 2013

                                                               WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT, SELFIE?

“Selfie” is the 2013 Word of the Year. “Selfie?” Are they kidding? Well, who doesn’t know that it edged out “twerk” by thousands? This word has increased in usage 17,000 percent. Now who, I ask, is sitting around counting? the NSA? “Selfie?” What about “prurient,” “feckless” and “perseverate?” Nah--too hard to spell. 

If I have to define “selfie,” then you should not be reading this blog. You must be over 87 and have been living under a giant rock. The real question: Is there a demographic for the selfie addicts? I haven’t seen too many 70-year-olds selfie-ing. They’re too busy trying to sign up for health insurance.

When I first heard the term “selfie,” I thought to myself, “How totally immature and vain.” 
Of course, I neglected to recall that I ask Mr. Wonderful to take my picture about 47 times a month. When asked why people take photos of themselves, some say it’s to see  how they appear to others; others say it’s to have photos to look back on. Others just claim “it’s fun.” On any given day, one can view at least a dozen or more selfies of people doing anything from catching a sun-drenched view of their buttocks to sporting a sports jersey on top of a skyscraper. Most of these people don’t seem to be selfie-fying to show off their good looks. Most photos are off center, and faces appear distorted and jowl-dominant. These pictures shout, “Look at me, I’m weird.” 

After giving this subject considerable thought, I’ve determined that young people learned this technique from politicians trying to seduce random interns. These gentlemen only engaged in this activity when they weren’t reaching across the aisle trying to suffocate their adversaries. I guess they don’t have time for actual portrait sittings, so the selfie gets it done quick and sassy.
When dogs and cats start posting their selfies from their litter boxes and fire hydrants, I draw the line.