Friday, November 22, 2013

American Legacy

                                                            by Sandra Moulin

Blond and gold strands weave through
gray roots born in Chevies
Baby Ruth wrappers on the floor
saddle shoes askew on rubber floor mats
Lucky Strike butts crowned in “Rockin’ Red.”
Giggles echo in 45s.

Newlywed tears en route to rice paddies
“We shall overcome”
bullets shatter American dreams
heroes fall
“It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night.”

Polyester nights and suited days
melt into Watergate
Frozen salaries speak generation ME
super moms question women’s rights
evenings end in Reisling.

Purple Rain fertilizes innocent minds
there is magic in a  Big Bertha
a marriage dies, no funeral required
light a custody candle
new beginnings at 50%.

Arkansas boasts a President
history claims a Princess and Columbine cries
Lion King pairs with Titanic to distract a culture gone techno
gas $1.34 drives youth to hip hop
AIDS sobers a world in turmoil.

One day changes the meaning of “normal”
a nation weeps before its screens
a question mark becomes a symbol
What happened to dot coms?
The moonwalk now a memory
al-Queda is a household word.

guns pale against pressure cookers
beliefs in shrouds of hatred
bully gone viral
leaders model adultery
a nation holds fast to innocence