Monday, December 30, 2013

                                          From MItten to Flip-Flop

                                                              Michigan crew

From the crisp, frost-covered rolling landscape of western Michigan to the dry sun-drenched hiking paths of desert, Arizona, our holiday is drawing to a close, and Mr. Wonderful and I feel good.

We will miss watching basketball games and hockey matches in Michigan, loudly cheering on our grandsons whom we are sure will be stars before they’re teens. We will miss rolling our eyes as three all-boy boys wrestle around on the floor and punch each other for no reason, blaming each other for “starting it.” We will miss the gingerbread house contest where my 11-year-old partner ate the doors and windows, and we came in last. We will miss the family dinner where no one spilled, and we had real non-techno conversation. We will certainly miss mommy’s homemade chocolate chip cookies--the best in the universe, and I will miss sitting with daughter and hubby holding our breath as we caught up on missed episodes of Homeland while Mr. Wonderful drifted off into dreamland upstairs. I will miss the shopping and intimate lunch conversation with my beautiful daughter who is not only smart and wise but very funny too.

We will miss smelling cows from the neighboring dairy farm as we drive the Q37 for a hearty healthy hike into exquisite Arizona mountain vistas. We will miss four little cherubs giggling, running, climbing,but most often glued to their techno devices and then melting our hearts when their little hands grab ours, and they look up at us like we’re God. We will miss I-phone-hand daughter who we are sure gets more texts than Fargo gets snow. She makes us laugh and loves us unconditionally. Just when we want to give her a piece of our mind, she decides to take us to dinner and tell us how wonderful we are. We will miss sleeping in the blue basement bed where I sleep better than anywhere in the world. Must be the pillow whose tiny feathers stick out of the case and scratch my cheeks so I look like I've been in a bar brawl the next morning. We will miss the occasional discovery of a yogurt breakfast dish hidden from view behind the couch with the concrete strawberry swallowing a plastic spoon. Most of all, I will miss the contagious little-girl giggles of my 40-year-old daughter whose mind goes faster than a bullet train and who has no tolerance for planning ahead more than ten minutes. I will miss shopping with her at teeny-bopper stores (she is quadruple zero) and buying the same bling jeans and fake leather biker jacket. I will miss her ranting about the divorcée dating scene and the “I’m not playing the game anymore” discussions. Hah.

I will miss having no agenda, nothing to worry about, no projects to complete, no goals to list, no “to do” lists to write. Living in another person’s house on their schedule can be extremely challenging to senior OCD souls whose daily lives are anything but random. Well over several hundred dollars later (not including gas and airfare), we are on our way home in the silver bullet hoping to arrive in time to toast the new year with good friends. We have about $7.83 left to share a cocktail and say, “We survived, and it was so much fun!” 

                                                                                        Desert Divas