Saturday, December 28, 2013

by Sandra Moulin

Every year people say
I will do or not each day
on the first of each new year
people preach, and I just jeer

No more sugar, beer or wine
no more swearing, that’s just fine
no more sexting, speeding, nope
no more smoking stupid dope

No more this and no more that
no more kicking of the cat
no more fights and no more blame
let’s all face it, each year’s the same

I say give up all the “don’ts”
no more “shoulds,” and no more “won’ts”
just walk in another’s shoes
empathize and don’t accuse

Take your favorite day of all
laugh and fart--just do it all
who knows what tomorrow brings
life is not about just things

You can’t find happy in a text
you can’t feel joy waiting for “next”
you can’t have silence in a crowd
joy is feeling love out loud.

It’s quiet times with those we love
it’s baby’s steps and graceful doves
it’s melodies that soothe and heal
all we need is to be real.