Wednesday, December 4, 2013


                                                                              WHAT FOUR?

Since launching this site six weeks ago, I am thrilled to have received over 800 hits. A good writer friend of mine boasted at lunch recently that his blog has had well over 2000 hits. As a retired shrink, I would have thought he would have considered my inner child when making pronouncements like that. What made it worse was when he told me that he has some way of clicking to see how much time each viewer spends on his site. My spirits plummeted when he told me that the average viewer spent four, count ‘em FOUR seconds viewing his prolific prose. Well, thit. This is not good. So, this is a thank you to all of you who have spent five seconds or more reading my blog.

Just like “these boots are made for walkin,” this blog is made for readin’. I would like to believe that slow readers might spend up to one minute relishing my clever commentary on the absurdities of life. Fortunately, I don’t have the “4-second” button, so I will pretend that you all read my thought-provoking insights and spread the laughter virus.

If you are like me, and you finish others’ sentences in your head, understand the concept after the speaker’s first three words, read something interesting in a matter of seconds, believe that most people could say in two words what it takes them 4,937 syllables to utter, then you understand why the essay is a great vehicle to enlighten, inspire and provoke. No 3400-page novel for moi.

As an aspiring keynote speaker, I am very conscious of the power of words. I realize that people are busy, easily distracted, addicted to their thumb-tronics and not anxious to listen to anything other than Pandora. When it comes to words, less is more. 

How long did it take you to read this? With how many will you share the message? If the answer is at least four, then, thank you. You’ve made my day.