Friday, January 3, 2014

                                                         PLEASE LEAVE ME:

  1. Your legs:  Tina Turner
  2. Your voice:  Josh Groban
  3. Your compassion:  Mother Theresa
  4. Your courage: Gabby Giffords
  5. Your resilience:  Jackie Robinson
  6. Your integrity: Abe Lincoln
  7. Your humility:  Pope Francis
  8. Your tenacity:  Lindsay Vonn
  9. Your money:  Oprah Winfrey
  10. Your hair: Eva Longoria
  11. Your body: Jessica Alba
  12. Your athletic ability:  Serena Williams
  13. Your talent: Hugh Jackman 
  14. Your arms: Jillian Michaels
  15. Your house:  Kate Middleton
  16. Your wisdom:  The Dali Lama
  17. Your sense of humor:  Dave Barry

     Just imagine what I could do, if I had any combination of these traits. I could sing my way to England in my private “O” jet and sign my humor books in my royal mansion.

     I could toss my gorgeous locks and show off my six pack and arm muscles while skiing down the Alpes in a cast.

     I could deliver my wisdom while dancing across the stage delivering an incredible drop shot.


     I could kiss babies and pray for the sick while planking on the battlefield.

     I could flaunt my flawless body while bringing in three runs.

The possibilities are endless.