Monday, January 20, 2014

                                                           My Life Calling

Life:  Helloooo!

Me:  Who is this? 

Life:  This is your life calling.

Me:   I know my life calling, and it doesn’t sound like you.

Life:  That’s because when I’ve called before, you didn’t pick up.

Me:  Pick up what? I answer with my thumbs. Get a grip.

Life:  I was in the neighborhood, and I almost passed you by.

Me:  I never saw you passing by. When was that?

Life:  Started several years ago. You didn’t notice. You were too busy frenetically running from one thing to another. If you had slowed down, you would have seen me.

Me:  I had a job, errands, chores, responsibilities. 

Life:  Too busy to answer your life calling?

Me:  What did you want?

Life:  Just wanted to see if you had smelled the fresh air, paused for a moment’s reflection or hugged your kids.

Me:  You are very strange.

Life:  You’re right about that. Too bad you missed your calling.