Tuesday, January 7, 2014


                                                    WHAT COULD BE WORSE?

What’s worse than freezing our tushes off in 17 degree weather? What’s so terrible about getting stuck in the driveway for the fourth time in two days? What’s wrong with walking around in Cuddle Duds after taking three hot showers just to get your body temperature to the point you can bend your fingers? What’s the big deal about being stranded in a train with 84 strangers half of whom got new cell phones for Christmas? What’s so bad about spending two days in a crowded airline terminal with screaming kids and $12 hamburgers? What’s worse than being stuck in the house with four little kids with the flu or with three teen-agers who got bored after the first day’s weather report? I’ll tell you what:

  1. There’s a Velveeta shortage
  2. Cheerios is going vegen
  3. Pot is not legal in our state
  4. I burned the hard boiled eggs
  5. Mr. Wonderful is whining again
  6. My car got 18.7 miles per gallon last month
  7. Gwyneth Paltrow picked Mark Ruffalo’s nose in their latest movie
  8. Santa works for the NSA
  9. Bradley Cooper lives with his mother
  10. OMG! 90% of people sit at their computers supporting their heads with their left hand. Et toi?