Saturday, February 15, 2014

                                                         LET’S BE HONEST

     How do the following influence your thoughts, your patterns of behavior, your spending habits or your self-concept:  Music, Fashion, Television, Current Events. How impressionable are you? When we were teens or even into our early twenties, we may have been influenced greatly by all of these. What about now? Are we still persuaded or brainwashed without realizing it?

     For example, as a member of the Silent Generation (pre-Boomer), I was inspired, energized and even aroused  by The Lone Ranger, Elvis, Pat Boone and Johnny Mathis. I wanted to look like Elizabeth Taylor, have legs like Betty Grable, sing like Tina Turner and dress like Jackie Kennedy. I was captivated by Dr. Marcus Welby, enthralled by Father Knows Best, entertained by Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle and inspired by Van Cliburn. I will never forget films like Cinderella, Ben Hur, To Kill a Mockingbird, The French Connection and Bridge Over the River Kwai. No one escaped the impact of Martin Luther King, Watergate, the Civil Rights Movement and Viet Nam. 

     Think about how you were affected by the culture of your generation, and compare it to how the media, social media, technology and global terrorism affects your choices and decisions today. Do we think more about our health because every commercial on television is selling some product to cure or prevent some disease we didn’t even know existed? Are we more anxious knowing that terrorism and violence is so random? Do we lose sleep because the cons of technology sometimes outweigh the pros?

     Today I was startled by the life-sized mannequin I encountered as I entered a Women’s Restroom in a public restaurant. Talk about random!