Friday, February 21, 2014

                            Morning Dialogue (W=Mr. Wonderful/F=la Folle)

F:  I want to do an interview of you for my blog, ok.
W: I’m not doing any effen interview.
F:  Aw, come on, babe. I think my readers would like to know a little about you.
W:  No interview.
F:  Well then, I will just make up your answers. You can either do it for real, or I’ll write it myself.
W:  B. . . .!
W:  Can I use your computer? I want to write to my kids.
F:  After the interview.
W:  male sound
W:  What are you doing?
F:  I’m downloading photos of our trip.
W:  Oh. Move your chair in. You always leave your chair out so I can’t get by.
F:  female sound
F:  omg. Look at this. It shows porn stars without makeup.
(I now have Mr. W’s attention. He strains neck like a giraffe to see screen.)
W:  Why would they do that?
F:  I don’t know. This is a great blog topic.
W: I don’t recognize any of them.
F:  What a surprise.
W:  Oh no, she’s writing about me. Dumb b. . . . Don’t write about me.
F:  Interview? yes or no?
W:  Later, I don’t know, sometime.
                                 The Queen on the beach in front of castle and pyramid - Mr. W's thumb in left corner.

*Interview to follow