Friday, February 7, 2014

                              LONG ENOUGH
                                                          by Sandra Moulin

She lived long enough to witness the dressing down of America
She talked long enough to realize that words are cheap
She walked far enough to see that nature is God
She slept long enough to dream of a paradise of gentle souls not competing.

She thought often enough to know that thoughts control
She laughed loud enough to feel the joy of the absurd
She wrote deliberately enough to feel the flow of poison released
She ran hard enough to know that there is peace in a stroll.

She grieved softly enough to endure the loss of what couldn’t be
She sang well enough to know the pain of no more notes
She counted high enough to feel the days turn into seconds
She traveled far enough to live the lives of many.

She worked long enough to belong to something worthy
She nurtured often enough to give all she could
She celebrated life and cherished loved ones
So she could take her residency in Heaven.