Monday, February 24, 2014

One More Bow

I’d never heard of bucket lists
until I passed my fifties
once I learned just what they were
I thought, “That’s pretty nifty.”

So with my trusty pen in hand
I pondered hard and long
what do I want, where do I go
before my final song?

I’m not that old, but time flies by
so here is what I found
I’d like to travel one more place
and to my boobs add pounds.

The place I wish that I could go
is to the African jungle
I’d also like to play a role
one I wouldn’t bungle.

The role is Marsha Mason’s best
in Simon’s Chapter Two
Jennie Malone, yup, that’d be me
I’d take a bow when through.

An actress I have always been
Not paid for playing roles
but always on some stage somewhere
Drama’s in my soul.

When auditions are announced some day
when casting Marsha’s part
I’ll race to line up--lines all learned
I’ll play it from the heart.

Yup, Jennie Malone. One more bow. Who double-dog dares me?