Tuesday, February 18, 2014

                                                   MONEY RULES!

     I am having an affair with this guy who has never tried to leave me. He is much older than me, but he’s very handsome and keeps me company. He makes me feel secure, and he promises to fulfill my dreams. He is very quiet and attentive, and he doesn’t get upset if I hold him too tightly or kiss him repeatedly. His name is Money.

     He confided in me once that it isn’t easy being green. I told him I understood, but I confessed that being in the red wasn’t fun either. He didn’t respond, but I think he got it.

     Money and I have had an ongoing, somewhat ambivalent relationship for years. Sometimes I don’t treat him with respect. Sometimes I flaunt him. Sometimes I am even reckless with him. He never reacts. He just takes it as if to say, “Do what you want, but one day you will pay the price.”

     Yesterday, I said, “I hate you!” He just sat there--no reaction. I pushed him and yelled, “How do you expect me to buy this?” He just sat there. I never know what he’s thinking, and I’ve given up trying to imagine. His silence forces me to get control of myself and think about how I’m going to deal with him. Usually, I figure it out, and I snuggle up to him, thankful he is still there for me.

     There are days I want to send him to an institution so he can build me a nest egg, but then there are days I want to give him to someone who has never had an affair like ours. After careful thought, however, I always choose to keep him closeby where I can count on him.

     I know it’s not all about him, and I know I could live without him, but I sure don’t want to try. A few years ago, I met this other guy, and he was love. I looked at Money, and I knew what he was thinking:  Money can’t buy you love. So I didn’t pursue the other guy. I remembered Warren Buffet’s rules:  No. 1 Never lose Money. No. 2 Never forget No. 1.