Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunshine State Cocktail Party

Mr. W.:  That was so much fun. I only had to make the graceful exit a couple of times.
Me: I met this woman who has lived here for years.
Mr. W:  Who was she?
Me:  The one with the blond hair and the gold teeth.
Mr. W.: That helps.
Me:  She was sitting next to the guy with the white peach fuzz.
Mr. W.:  That really clears it up. Thanks, hun.
Me:  Did you meet the woman with the dog?
Mr. W:  What dog?
Me:  The one with the tail who was eating the olives.
Mr. W.:  Why did she bring her dog?
Me:  Who knows? The dog loved the lady with the gold teeth.
Mr.W.: How do you know?
Me:  The dog was humping her leg.
Mr. W.:  Nice.
Me.:  Did you taste the salmon?
Mr. W.:  What salmon?
Me:  The one next to the hummus?
Mr. W.: What’s hummus?
Me:  It’s the stuff that was sitting next to the salmon.
Mr. W.:  That explains it.
Me.:  What did you find out?
Mr.W.:  I had a nice talk with the group in the living room.
Me:  About what?
Mr. W.: Dogs and teeth.
Me:  Consider this the graceful exit.