Sunday, February 9, 2014



      Visiting my 93-year-old step-mom in Rehab tonight, we got on the topic of one of my more recent blogs, “Sex After Sixty - Part II.” She laughed, and said, “Boy, I sure miss it! There were some interesting characters in my PT this afternoon too.” I didn’t think anything could shock me, but I must admit I was taken aback. She went on, “Most of them were younger though.” “How old were they?” I dared. “Oh, probably only in their 80s.” “Does it really matter after 85?” I asked. “No, not really.” We both laughed and moved on.  Love this woman. She said, “You know, there’s lots of sex going on in the “homes,” these days.” I said I had read that somewhere, holding my breath for what might be coming next.  At that point, a woman from across the hall walked in and said, “I’m from Wayne, New Jersey. Do you know where that is? I can’t find it.” OLHM*

*Oh, Lord, help me.”