Saturday, February 1, 2014


                                                    WATCH? OUT?

     Who remembers the wrist watch? It was that thing we strapped or buckled onto our wrists to tell us the time. Two years ago, the watch strap guy at the mall told me that no one was buying watches anymore with the number of cell phone users. I was surprised, but now I realize he was spot on. (What spot and on what?)

     I read a blog about this topic because that’s what I do instead of cleaning the toilets.
Several young people posted their opinions. Some said that only “old people” wear watches, and others just wear them out of habit. Some of these young “whippersnappers” never wore a watch. 

     Personally, “I don’t give a damn” who wears a watch or whether anyone on the planet knows what time it is. I don’t need a watch to tell me if I’m hungry or tired. My stomach gurgles and my eyelids flutter so why put out a gazillion for a TAG Heur. I can’t even pronounce that anyway. I checked it out on Wicky-Pee-dea and discovered that TAG stands for “Techniques d’avant Garde” and the name of the company’s founder, HEUR in 1860. (See what you can learn by being a busyblogger?)

     My concern here is whether wearing my 15-year-old beloved Movado is going to send out senior vibes. Yes, my I-phone is permanently glued to my lifeline, and I have no trouble reading the tiny print, but I do like how my watch matches my clock tatoo.