Saturday, February 1, 2014


                                 WOTD/WCA (Word Of The Day/Who Cares Anyway?)

     So there’s this Internet word out there, “meme,” that has me totally befuddled (that’s big girl for confused). My name is “Mémé.” That is an old-fashioned term for “grandma.” Due to the fact that no one has been as vain as me since the Middle Ages, I chose “Mémé (prounounced “maymay”) instead of grannny, which to me was nothing but a green apple. I never did an etomological study of the word, but in the process of checking out this new word (spelled like my name), I realized that my name was spelled the same as “même” which means “same” but with different accents. I knew this, but I forgot it due to the inordinate amount of knowledge I keep in my brain at any given time. So what does this have to do with “meme,” you ask? Well, “meme” (pronounced meem”) is a trendy cyber term meaning “an idea or style that spreads from person to person in a given culture.” Wtf does that mean? In looking up various uses for the word, I found out that “meme” means “breast” in Turkish and “female genitalia” in Chinese. Whaaaat?

     So being curious and not having a damned thing to do with my time, I went to Google to see how to use the term. Here is the sentence that is supposed to explain the context/use of the word “meme/meem.” “Your meme needs a place to do business.” Are you effen kidding me? That tells me Jack shit (not to be confused with Jack and Coke.) I think there was some bored Boomer sitting around at a remote cyber office in Omaha (sorry, Payton) trying to figure out how to be famous, so he came up with this feckless word. He wrote a book, using the lame word, and now the whole effen cyber community smugly states it in every tweet from here to Poughkeepsee. Here’s another example:  “Normalcy returning seems to be the meme response reporters are repeating in the press today.” SHID (Slap head in Disgust.)