Sunday, March 2, 2014

                                                 MORNING BANTER

“You’re right. Captain Phillips was ordained for an Oscar.”
“What did you do with that thing we use for doing that thing?”
“You are one crazy pitch!”
“Here’s our affirmation for the Hampton Inn.”
“If you’re not using it, put that thing up.”
“I’m not eating any more of this crap. You eat it.”
“What am I doing?”
“Where did you put my thong?”
“You are such a moron.” “Don’t call me a moron, wrench.”
“Where is the Ukraine, anyway?”  “I think I put it behind the plastic bags in the pantry.”
“Why doesn’t that woman like the word moist?” “Probably because it rimes with hoist.”
“I can’t just sit around cantering with you.”
“Did you hear about the 87-year-old woman whose post went viral?” “There’s medication for that, you know.”