Tuesday, March 11, 2014


      Did you ever think about all the scents we put on our bodies each day? Starting with whatever shampoo, conditioner, gel/soap/body wash we slather on our skeleton in the thank-God-for-our-shower in the morning, we already step out in a base scent before we get to the bathroom mirror. On top of that, men add shaving cream, mouth wash, cologne,deodorant and (if hair blessed) maybe some hair product. Women add body lotion, moisturizer, foundation, deodorant, perfume, lipstick and lipgloss. This does not include smoke residue or hair spray. Oh, my. Imagine an elevator full of this. 

     I thought about this when I was drying myself with the red towels whose mildew smell will not go away. I don’t care what detergent we try--liquid, powder, pods or flakes, the mildew will not go away. I have threatened to throw the red towels away, but Mr. Wonderful was brought up in the we-never-dispose-of-anything-no matter-how rancid- generation, so the red towels stay, and I add still another scent to the mix. yuck.
I am forced to use the towels that don’t match, just so I smell good. Imagine, however, those folk who don’t realize their towels are mildew (even after laundering). They have now added another layer to the mix. This makes no good scents. 

     So what happens when the male and female get together and engage in a body press?
A minimum of a dozen different fragances cross paths, none of which were intended to be mixed. It’s amazing that the couple doesn’t gag during their first kiss. And what if their scents aren’t compatible; what if they can’t stand how the other smells? Do they proceed to the second date or just throw up their arms and say, “This whole thing stinks!”

     After a long day on two different airplanes, my only conclusion is that people must not breathe when they date.