Monday, March 24, 2014

                                                 “HAPPY” REJECTION     

     So I’m watching 60 Minutes, and there are a handful of cartoonists sitting around the table at the New Yorker magazine waiting for their cartoons to be accepted for publication. The main guy takes a cursory look at each one, rejects most and chooses an occasional submission. The artists sit waiting to be rejected. I am thinking, “Are you effen kidding me? You have to sit there and be humiliated in front of each other while one person decides your fate?” And these people do this for a living? 

     A few minutes later, they interview the artists alone. One guy says, “I’m addicted to rejection. It makes me feel alive.” What??! I can honestly say I have never looked at rejection from this angle. Being a person who tries to have an open mind about things, I say to myself, “Ok, self. Just think, if no one rejects you, you’re dead.” 

     The artists said that out of 700-800 cartoons they submit each year, they get about 30 published. Oh, my. I hope they don’t play the stock market.

     In my new book, The Four Agreements, which I have read at least five times, one of the agreements is to never take anything personally. How could you not take that rejection personally? The theory is that anyone who hurts, insults, criticizes you is talking about himself, not you. So if you know that, you will never be offended, and therefore you and what’s-his-hat can just sing “HAPPY” the rest of your days. Yeah, right.