Monday, March 10, 2014

                                                                     POP ART

    I read recently in a pop psychology magazine that in many cities in the world, there are sweet, loving wives sitting at the breakfast table taking their spouse’s crap. They are pissed off and feeling powerless. But they are not. They are not powerless. They have power that no man wants to mess with: the POP, the Power of the Pan. (Had you going there for a second, didn’t I?)

     Women who feel voiceless can do any of the following to maintain equilibrium in a relationship:

  1. refuse to cook
  2. cook badly
  3. order out nightly
  4. disappear right before dinner
  5. pepper all food heavily
  6. fold in some vodka balls*

    There are always creative solutions to any problem. Unfortunately, one can’t always think of them until after the fact. Perhaps if women kept a “POP” file, they could run to the file cabinet in the middle of a confrontation, and voilà, playing field leveled.

*Mr. Wonderful read this and said, “I didn’t know vodka had balls.”