Wednesday, March 12, 2014

     Finance Representative from luxury car manufacturer: (FR) *la folle (F)

FR:  “Your name, mam?”
F: “I am not a mam.”
FR:  “Your name?”
F:  “La Folle.”
FR:  Can you please verify your current address, mam?
F:  “My name is not mam.”
FR:  “Your address?”
F:  555555  HELLO Avenue.That’s H E L L O.
FR: “Your calling about the SRT, 2011, correct?”
F:  “Yup, dude.”
FR:  “What can we do to get you current on your account, mam?”
F:  no response
FR:  “What can we do to get you current on your account, Ms. La Folle?”
F:  “For starters, realize that I sold this car two months ago, and you already have the money. Why am I being charged a monthly payment on a car I no longer own?”
FR:  “We don’t have the paperwork for the payoff, mam.”
F:  no reponse--heavy breathing.
FR:  “We can’t close your account until we have the paperwork regardless of the fact that we have the money. You are two months past due, and your file will be sent to the credit bureau tomorrow if the account is not paid in full.”
F:  “You are kidding, right, dude? You can’t be serious. How dare you threaten me when you are sitting there with my money in your account.”
FR:  “We haven’t received the paperwork, mam.”
F:  “I spoke with my new dealer, and he assured me that the paperwork was faxed to you on January 21st. It is March 5. Why don’t you have it?”
FR:  “I don’t know, mam.”
F:  “Are you hard of hearing, dude?”
FR:  “We can’t close your account until we receive the paperwork, mam.”
F:  “You know what? You can take your paperwork, dude, and . . . “
La Folle hangs up.

     These people are so lame. They sent me a survey to find out how my experience went with FRiggin’ Mam-boy. I gave them a piece of my mind (a very tiny piece.) I told them I would never buy one of their friggin luxury cars if my life depended on it--mainly due to Mam-boy. 

     After seven phone calls, I am waiting for the letter from the credit bureau, and then I will put out a contract for Mam-boy and personally take him to Folle court! (It takes a blond. . . )

*la folle = the crazy woman

(Car was not a GMC)