Thursday, April 17, 2014

     In a recent video by one of my new idols, Brené Brown, the topic of “freaking out” came up. I have been known to “freak out” in my day (like Monday), so I was intrigued by the question she posed:  “Is what is happening to me worth freaking out about?” Hmm. Food for thought.

This is what I came up with today:

Legitimate Reasons to freak out:

  1. Losing a family member in a mysterious plane crash
  2. Losing a family member under 20 in a ship disaster
  3. Facing a tank coming down the street ready to blow up my neighborhood
  4. Being publicly humiliated by the behavior of a family member
  5. Sitting in a restaurant when a fire truck comes through the front window

Not Legitimate:

  1. Gaining an extra two pounds
  2. Not having enough cash flow this month to buy a new Easter outfit
  3. The phone bill being wrong for the 4th month in a row
  4. Uncle Sam’s tax bill wiping out 20% of our savings account
  5. The computer acting up
  6. Having an unproductive day

Brené’s advice:

Breathe, Clarify, Walk