Saturday, May 10, 2014

                                            WE ARE WHAT WE THINK ABOUT

If this is true, I am a calorie-counting, budget-fussing, to-do-list-tracking, personal space-whining moron. Oh, my. I never really sat down and thought about what I think about on a daily basis. I’m usually just grateful I can still think. I figure if I can still reason and sort through thoughts of any kind, I am not yet extinct.

What do you think about? Do you start thinking the minute your bare foot hits the floor? Do you think while flossing your molars? Do you need to read what others think in order to grease the gears of your frontal cortex? Mr.Wonderful chooses not to utter any recognizable syllables until he’s read the local news. How four gang members breaking into the local Dollar Store helps him collect his thoughts is beyond me. Just sayin’.

Now Yours Truly is an early riser. I rarely get up in daylight. Most often, the moon is still shining, and Venus has just passed Uranus. First thing I do is prepare my breakfast tray for the 5:00 a.m. news. I have already thought about what I will write on my To Do List, but I like to blissfully chew on my blueberries and inhale my Maxwell House before getting down to business. Once finished with my favorite meal of the day, I take out a piece of my recycled memoirs manuscript, turn over the page and list my challenges for the day:

  1. Make bed
  2. Brush teeth 
  3. Rest
  4. Put away breakfast dishes
  5. Change into workout clothes
  6. Rest
  7. Think seriously about working out
  8. Rest
  9. Check things off To Do List
  10. Think about and list number of calories consumed so far (including those needed for numbers 3, 6 and 8.

One of the joys of my day is checking things off my list. Actually, I use a highlighter, as the bright orange or lime green stands out on the paper, and I feel really good about my accomplishments. 

About an hour or so into Facebook, I think about how much time it must take all these people to post photos of their kids and pets. I wonder if they have To Do Lists that say

  1. Find pet
  2. Take photo of pet
  3. Post photo of pet on facebook
  4. Wait for people to “like” Maximillian
  5. Get ready for work
  6. Hug pet
  7. Check “likes”

This is almost as revealing as Yours Truly writing absurd essays like this and checking to see how many readers are spending time discovering how I think. 

*I love cats and kids. No ill thoughts of either have been documented from this site.