Sunday, May 4, 2014


                                                                “BOUNTY” Hunter

     When I was a young teacher, I was chatting with our high school librarian. She was “older” to me, probably in her 50s. We were talking about the bathroom towels.The “everyday” towels were on one rack, and the “special towels” were on another.I don’t know who I thought was going to go into our private bathroom and scurtinize these towels (askew or not), but I was overly concerned about their symmetry. Occasionally, my husband would go in there and accidentally grab one of the “just for show” towels. This would mess up the perfect look I had painstakingly created.

    The librarian looked at me, and said, “Let me tell you a towel story.” She smiled and looked up as if seeing on the ceiling the memory she was about to recount. “I had a similar problem when I first got married. My husband would use the towel and leave it lying wet on the floor. It used to drive me nuts. I finally gave up nagging after realizing that he was not about to change his ways. I just picked up after him and let it go. I lost him to cancer last year. Now when I go in that bathroom, I would give anything to see that wet towel lying on the floor. Be careful what you wish for and what battles you choose to fight.” 

     Fast Forward 30 years to 2014. Mr. Wonderful (husband number two) and I have been married 20+ years. When Mr. Wonderful (who rubs the counters day and night to keep them clean and shiny) leaves his single piece of slightly-crunched paper toweling on the counter, I don’t say a word. Sometimes I just leave it there on the pristine granite and smile. If we’re having company, I hide it under the sink, but I don’t throw it away. My friend, the librarian, taught me a life lesson that I shall never forget.