Monday, May 12, 2014

                                        HAPPY HEART     

     I didn’t win two speech contests because I spoke from my head, not my heart. I didn’t think I should reveal as much as the winners did, but, apparently, I was wrong. So this morning I speak from the heart when I say that tears have been filling the hole in my heart. They have not come out my eyes yet, but there is a reason for that.

     The tears surfaced when I thought about what I was missing on Mother’s Day not being with my beautiful daughters and precious grandchildren. That is my own fault, however, as I was the one who moved south to live in the warm. I guess I didn’t think about how cold warm could get, and how awful ice would feel in my heart. When I looked on Facebook and saw all the happy families, I became even sadder, and when my daughters wrote lovely things about me, a layer of guilt set in assuring no thaw.

     These feelings can only change by the way we frame them in our heads, so I began the reframing process this morning, and, by golly, it worked!

     I confided in a very close friend online. She said all the right things that neither of us knew would be right until they were on the screen. The validation she gave me was the first major step in thawing my frozen sadness. Then I got busy with an energetic workout to clear out the venom. I was almost there, but not quite. The tears disappeared, but the hole in my heart still ached as I reread the messages from my girls.Then Mr. Wonderful insisted that I return to the tennis court after over two years. At first, I resisted, but then I donned my duds and off we went. A couple of hours later, here I am back to whole. I sweated out the negative-thinking poison; I spent time in the sunshine running my ass off, and my heart has defrosted. 

     Lesson from the heart:  Validation + Moving + Sunshine + Sweat = Happy Heart