Thursday, May 15, 2014

                                          How Bored Are You?

     A close friend recently sent me a text that read, “I’m bored.” I recall when I said that to my father as a young twenty-something, he looked at me aghast and said, “What? How can you be bored? There’s so many things to learn and so much to do in this life--what’s wrong with you?”

     That helped. Now instead of just being bored, I could be ashamed that I was bored. wtf. Boredom varies depending on the person and the place. If you are a millionaire living in a penthouse in Monaco, you are probably not bored. If you are retired and living on a fixed income, and you have to collect coupons to grocery shop, there’s a chance you might get bored occasionally.

     I tried to explain to my father that boredom doesn’t mean you have nothing to do or there is nothing to do; it means that what there is to do doesn’t interest you at that particular moment. 

     Now there are boring people, and that’s another topic. Boring people are those who talk incessantly about nothing or brag ad nauseum about their kids or money. Boring people lead boring lives, and therefore can potentially bore others. Au contraire, if you are fascinated by others’ aches and pains or love to hear about how Johnny was first in his Suzuki violin class, then topics that might bore some may seem stimulating to you. (Btw, if those things interest you, please don’t call me.)

     Sometimes in life, you get to a place where you’ve “been there, done that.” If that has ever happened to you, then you might get bored doing it again. That’s all right. There’s nothing wrong with being bored, contrary to my father’s judgment. Sometimes being bored forces us to think out of the box (where is this box anyway?I need to know that there really is a box. Besides, who ever went into a box to think to begin with. That’s just wrong.)

Am I boring you?