Sunday, June 1, 2014

                              RANDOM ACTS OF MINDLESSNESS

     Every day, no matter where I go, I engage in conversations with various people--the ladies who hand me my cleaning, the young bank teller who cashes my check, the veggie man at the grocery store. These people all live lives very different than mine, and I believe I can always learn something from them. For example, today while talking to the young bank teller (age approximately 12 going on 13), he told me about some new phones that now tout facial recognition. He warned me, however, that it has been noted that women who take their photo with make-up and then try to log in without makeup may not be able to connect. (Whoa. I guess some of us look really really different sans blush.) He also told me he had only been out of the country a couple of times in his life (how many places will let you in before puberty?) I asked where he’d been. He said, “Belize and Honduras.” Hmm. Poor kid. 

     Speaking of what kids do these days. Did you see the photo of my grand-daughters in their caps and gowns? They just graduated from PRESCHOOL! Are you effen kidding me? They will have to graduate from college naked in order to get any thrill. I wonder if they threw their hats over the potty. I love them so much, but I do worry about all they do at such an early age. My daughter exclaimed the other day, “The twins haven’t even been on a plane!” Omg. Let’s see, they are five. I didn’t board a plane until I was 47, and that was because I had been saving up since my teens.

     I have an ongoing hug affair with the veggie man at the grocery store. Now it’s a side hug--don’t get your thongs in a knot. He is a very lovely man, and he loves the ladies--not just me. He’s a perfect gentleman, and I always like to kid around with him when shucking my corn. I am sure he doesn’t get to talk much hanging out with the squash and all. 

     Today, I went to my tailor to have him fix a very small strap on one of my dresses. I couldn’t do it, as I failed sewing in fourth grade. It took his wife about three minutes to fix it. While she was working on it, I read a newspaper article he had posted on the wall about how he learned to sew in prison in VietNam. Wow. Without going into the story, let it suffice to say, this man is much more than a tailor, and he has an incredible story to tell. I didn’t know how he felt about talking about it, so I didn’t say anything, except “What do I owe you for the dress?” He smiled and said, “Nothing. Have a nice week-end.” All that happened over a few threads. Amazing.

     I stopped at my favorite boutique “just to look around.” Yeah, right. I was lookin’ all right with every intention of following through with any bargain that happened to jump right out at me. Funny, there were several. I did end up with a new skirt and a lovely silk blouse, both of which were on sale, of course. The manager who knows me by the sound of my stilettos, said, “Your husband should be so happy. You always look beautiful.” I blushed and replied, “My husband should be ecstatic, as I buy my own clothes.” She and I are like sisters. We took a vow years ago to buy only the most classy clothes and pray there would always be more.

     In my French classes, I always told my students that if I couldn’t answer this one question, then they would have no homework the next day. The question was “Quel en est le but?” This means, “What’s the point?” So, the “but” is there are stories all around us--some funny, some tragic, but we all have them. If we are willing to open up a little ourselves, it’s amazing what we can learn and what we can contribute on any given day at any random place. 

     I dreamed last night that I was walking around Belize in a cap and gown looking for a sewing machine when a zucchini fell in my path. Who knew?