Friday, June 27, 2014



If a French person came to this country without knowing our colloquialisms, would he understand? Below see Fifi's transalation in both English and LITERAL French. Attention:  Les Gosses de Fifi  Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? Fifi est toujours folle:)

Time’s running out.
I didn’t even see it sneak in.
Fr:  Le temps disparaît.

It’s never too late.
Says who?
Fr:  Ce n’est jamais trop tard.

Just go with it.
With what?
Fr:  Il faut sortir avec.

You know?
Know? No?
Fr:  Tu sais?

Know what?
Nope. Never met him.
Fr:  Devinez quoi.

He left me high and dry.
What’s wrong with high, and why am I wet?
Fr:  Il m’a quittée folle et sèche. (???)

He left without a word.
Which word did you want him to leave?
Fr:  Il m’a quittée sans un mot.

Son of a gun.
What a little pistol.
Fr:  Fils d’un revolver.

She’s really out to lunch.
What time do you expect her back?
Fr:  Elle déjeune, sans blague.

He’s fit as a fiddle.
What? He’s got strings, a bridge and a bow? Sounds obscene to me.
Fr:  Il est en pleine forme, comme un violon

Don’t go there.
I want to know just where is the “there.” It must be a cool place, because everyone’s afraid of it.
Fr: N'y allez pas.

Fr:  Yeau.

No weigh.
Sounds good to me.
Fr:  ???