Saturday, June 28, 2014

                                     MOURNING NEWS  

     A news anchor this morning said, “In politics, perception is often reality.” Hello. This is not limited to politics. We all react at times (and some, often) to what we perceive, and our perceptions are not alway accurate. This news reporting station, one that tries to be objective in its reporting, must have a morning pow-wow about how to present the day’s news. I imagine that the discussion goes something like this:

     “Let’s see how many “hooks” we can use to pull people into the drama of all current situations.Then after we’ve reported it with gory visuals, let’s call in at least three experts (some of whom have been retired for 20 years), and let them talk their heads off about the situation. Once we’ve done that, let’s repeat the whole thing every hour from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. After that, let’s have another anchor approach the situation from a different perspective with “never-before-seen” gory photos and videos, and then discuss the entire saga with a panel of talking heads.”

     Lord, spare me. 

     My perception is that news anchors must get so frustrated trying to be objective and putting on the “I-don’t-have-an-opinion-face” when in their business, they would have to be brain-dead not to have an opinion. I am brain-dead watching and listening to this kind of broadcasting. 

     I am now a die-hard morning cartoon fan.  

(For those who don’t realize I was the runner-up in my elementary school spelling bee every year (second to Harry Crow), “mourning” was intentionally spelled this way for a reason).