Tuesday, June 24, 2014

                                               NO SHIFT, SHERLOCK!

Her:  Why are you slowing down? What’s wrong?
Him:  When I hold onto the gearshift, and I turn, your car goes into manual mode.
Her:  Why are you holding onto the gearshift to begin with? You don’t need to do that. Leave it alone. I never touch that thing.
Him:  I’m not talking about you; I’m talking about me.
Her:  Well, why are you holding onto that anyway? There’s no reason to hold onto it.
Him:  I always hold onto it when I drive my car.
Her:  Well, this is my car. You don’t need to hold onto it. I couldn’t figure out why we were slowing down? Sheesh!
Him:  Ok. Ok. I’ve let it go. 
Friend:  I do that in the Queen’s car too.
Queen:  Yes, he does. I don’t know why he always has to hold onto his stuff.
Friend:  Men like to hold their stuff.
Queen:  Men need to let go of their stuff and just drive the damned car.
Her:  Yeah. Why are you holding onto it anyway? There’s no reason to do that. I couldn’t understand why we were slowing down.
Him:  All right, Enough.
Her:  Well, I don’t know why you have to hold onto it.
Queen:  Yeah, what’s up with that. (oops)
Friend:  Never mind.