Sunday, June 29, 2014

                                                         I USED TO LOVE A PARADE

     Now approaching the size of my grandma’s lace hanky, PARADE is seemingly trying to challenge its readers in numerous ways. First of all, the print is blurry, so editors must be hostile toward the over-40-something market. Secondly, the print that one can see is so small, one needs a super magnifiying glass to see it. All I can assume is that the magazine has some shady deal with the magnifying glass lobby. Finally, the stories are hidden between at least 78 ads for everything from pain free walking socks to gaudy ceramic Christmas trees.

     Who really cares if it’s harder to make colored fireworks or how many berries are eaten at Wimbledon or whether you can teach a horse to dance? Most Americans don’t obsess over these issues. I was happy to learn, however, that I can go online and visit PARADE.COM. I can hardly wait. I wonder if you have to use 3-D glasses to read it. I’m going to have to carve out an extra 27 seconds from my busy schedule if I don’t want to wait until next Sunday.