Sunday, July 27, 2014

     What do you see? Some people might see a manhole cover. I see a waffle face with a sewer nose who has a bandaid on the right side of his chin. 

     What do you think of when you see a manhole cover? Do you hold your nose? Do you wonder who’s living down there? Do you think it’s a hideout for spies? 
     I think of what it would feel like if people were walking over my face everyday. I would come to know the difference between a toddler’s tap, a large man’s thud and a struttin’ stiletto. I would hear only a few words of conversations, and I would come to recognize the same accents, even though I wouldn’t understand them.

     Do you fear manhole covers? What do you fear? Explosions? Hidden criminals? Underground tunnels housing runaway squirrels? 

   I fear my heel will get stuck in one of the eyes.

   Maybe it’s not a sewer; it’s a REWES:)