Friday, July 4, 2014


Many miles they drove to us (2300!)
in a mini-van, not a bus
I can’t imagine doing that
four little children--off comes my hat!

Little shoes and little tees
lost flip-flops and batteries
whining, crying, giggling too

every turn is something new

nine whole states they drove along
DVDs and family songs 
stopping here and staying there
in the city and way out there

“Are we there yet?” twenty times
daily lessons and special times
Mom’s adventures took them places
to see new things and meet new faces

Never did they see such rain
Arthur brought the hydroplane
getting soaking wet was fun
“Can we play outside and run?”

Beach time was the best of all
boogie boarding was a ball
only 8 but jumping high
loving sun and bright blue sky

Games with Mémé, Pépé too
“Oh my gosh, who took my shoe?”
Pouty faces and teary eyes
when they didn’t win the prize.

Fingers on the windows all
little feet heard in the hall
tiny voices touch my heart
I’m so sad we’re now apart

I can’t wipe the window panes
Little hands left memory stains
Quiet rooms and little toys
Help me treasure so much joy.

Please come back soon.