Tuesday, July 8, 2014


                                                    Mid-Summer Night’s ‘‘Mère”

     “Mère,” pronounced, “mare” means “mother.” “Mare” pronounced “mère,” means donkey or ass.  I am both. For whatever lame reason, I began thinking about the dream I had last night which focused on all the motherhood mistakes I’d made. Maybe it was because my daughter and grand-daughters just left after a four-day visit. Observing your child’s parenting is a humbling experience, and the welts on my lips from zipping them are just now beginning to heal.

     In the Shakespeare version of the above play (on words), there is a “merry servant” named Puck. His job is to take the magical flower and pour it’s potion into a person’s ear when the person is asleep. When the person wakes up, he or she is supposed to love the first person they see. Well, I would like Sir Puck to pour a little potion into each grandchild’s ear. When they awaken, they will make bacon and eggs for the adults, put strawberry jelly ONLY (no butter) on their toast, pour them some OJ, give each of them their own specialties such as apple sauce, blueberry yogurt, Triscuits and peanut butter and a giant Diet Coke for mom. Then after they’ve prepared and served the above, they will clear the table with 2/3 of the food still on the plates, but slightly pushed around so as to look semi-eaten, throw it all away, do the dishes and watch the big people disappear one by one in opposite directions of the house. 

     If they could read, I’m sure they’d say, “Puck You! grand-mère!”