Wednesday, July 16, 2014

                           39 THINGS FOR WHICH I AM THANKFUL as I begin my 7th decade on the planet

  1. A bed that’s so big I can’t see Mr. Wonderful in the dark.
  2. A tiny machine that makes white noise so even though I can’t see him, I don’t have to hear him:)
  3. Mr. Wonderful after 21 years:)
  4. A nice big Woman Cave to work out in, write silly blogs in, watch dumb TV programs in, use dangling prepositions in.
  5. No aches and pains.
  6. Having all my own teeth. (not that I’d really want someone else’s.)
  7. Still struttin’ in my stilettos.
  8. Still able to drive stick shift.
  9. My own pension.
  10. My own health insurance.
  11. My own car.
  12. My own toothbrush.
  13. Two beautiful, successful daughters.
  14. Ten lively, funny, bright and loving grand-children.
  15. Buster, Max and Lacey (my friends’ pets)
  16. Good eyes to lose myself in wonderful literature (both junk and literary)
  17. Strong hands to play Chopin and pick my thumb.
  18. Good legs that still turn heads (until they look up:)
  19. More energy than a 25-year-old:)
  20. Can still hear when my kids try to whisper.
  21. Good friends who validate me.
  22. An enemy or two who keep me humble.
  23. A creative crazy mind that keeps me laughing at myself.
  24. A facebook account that allows me the joy of watching my former students and their families.
  25. A couple of Michigan soul mates.
  26. Resilient toes.
  27. Vegetable steamer bags.
  28. Two for one Edy Carmel Delight Low-fat Ice cream 
  29. Scandal and Taye Diegs.
  30. Movies on Demand
  31. Eyelashes
  32. An occasional zit
  33. Still risking
  34. Brené Brown
  35. Rachmaninoff and Chopin
  36. Justin Timberlake
  37. Pink
  38. Obsession by Calvin Klein
  39. Vince Camuto