Thursday, August 14, 2014

     I am sure you have been asking yourself what I have in common with Jane Fonda, Sophia Lauren and Pamela Anderson. Well, hold onto your thongs, here comes the answer: nothing. Then again, let me think. 

Jane:  I have some old leg warmers.
Sophia: I can say one sentence in Italian.
Pamela: I can dream, can’t I?

     Comparing ourselves to movie stars is not a healthy idea. Somehow I always come away feeling inadequate (and very poor). The stars do, however, give us a measuring tool to keep us motivated in certain arenas.

     For example, when I look at Jane Fonda, who looks absolutely fabulous for her age, I am reminded to keep her 1973 video handy so I can keep doing those leg swing things where you hold onto a chair and kick up your Keds.

     Sophia won a grammy, and I am one. She got several Golden Globes, and I have a few snow globes. I like Lake Como.

     Pamela just pisses me off. How on earth can one woman have a body like that? She reminds me that life isn’t fair. Some chicks get all the boob genes AVEC the rest to match. There are women who are well-endowed, but they usually have some extra padding elsewhere. Not Pamela. She has it all. I’ll bet she can’t play Clair de Lune like me though. Just sayin’.