Monday, August 4, 2014


                                                      Gucci handbag - $50,000

                                                "I don't care about this crap." Whaat?!

          Someone broke into a woman’s home and stole over one million dollars worth of designer bags, Rolex watches and expensive jewelry. The guy entered the home (which was not locked, nor were the closets in which the woman stored all her stash) by cutting the glass with a glasscutter. Hmm. The woman said tearfully, “I don’t care about all this crap; I just wish I could get back the things that were heirlooms given to me by my husband’s family.” 

Now there’s something wrong with this picture. Here is my “Wrong” list:

  1. Why didn’t she lock the house?
  2. Why didn’t she lock her closets?
  3. Why did she buy all that “crap,” if she only valued the “family jewels.”  :)
  4. What kind of glass in a home of this kind can be cut with a measly glasscutter?
  5. Why didn’t she share some of that crap with me?