Thursday, August 28, 2014

I can’t believe we did this.

      As we have been traveling for over two weeks and still have another week of hotels, meals, gas and entertainment, I sugggested we have an “inexpensive” meal before heading to the mountains. Mr.Wonderful said, “I have a Ruby Tuesday coupon.” “Great!” I chirped. So off we went across the road to the local West Virginia RT.

     We looked at the menu, and I tried to find something that wasn’t fried, breaded, topped or stuffed with some unknown gourmet-wanna-be ingredient. Settling on splitting a “Prime” burger, we looked at the coupon: “$5 off a $15 purchase.” With one additional salad bar ($2.99) and the burger at $11.99, we asked the waitress if that would qualify. She went to the register to add it up and see if the additional tax would bring it to the $15 level. (omg) She came right back with a big grin on her face and said, “$15.88. You made it.” Mr. Wonderful’s face lit up like a constellation, and we clinked our waters.

I told him to put his Porsche Boxster keys in his pocket before I searched in the bowels of my handbag for a tip based on the TWC - total without coupon.