Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Itch Over the Upper Thigh*

     Do guys really think we don’t notice them rearranging their body parts? I would love to know what they would think if we did the same. 

     Think about the baseball players and what they do while they’re winding up. They ain’t lining up the hairs on their arms. And what about a certain tennis pro whose visible jock line always seems to get displaced during his serve. He’s got the whole schtick down pat:  rock back and forth, push hair behind ear, dig fabric out of ass.  

     What if women went around reaching into their dresses and fondling their tatas? What if we scratched where it itched every time the sensation demanded it? What if we walked by some hot dude and let it rip? The world would be a much cruder place. Would men even notice?

*Or was it Bridge Over the River Kwai?:)