Saturday, August 2, 2014

It’s a Hart-Knox Life


     Monday evening, you e-mail your friends, the Knox family, and invite them to come to dinner the following Saturday night. It is now Wednesday, and you haven’t heard from them. In the meantime, some other friends, the Harts, call and invite you to their cook-out the same evening. You tell them you are waiting to hear from some friends (the Knox family) about other plans, but you will get back to them. The same day, you find out that your all-time favorite rock star is coming to town for one-night only--Saturday evening.

     Wednesday is the day to start cleaning the house and thinking about the menu for the dinner at your home Saturday night. As you can’t begin preparations until you hear from the Knox family, you can’t accept the invitation from the Harts, and deep down, you’d really rather go to the concert. My daughter would call this a “cluster-. . . . ,” but you know the answer: pick up the telephone. Oh, you no longer have a landline, and your cell is acting up. What to do? 

     Option A:  Assume the Knox family is out of town or not reading their e-mails, so the dinner is off. Borrow a neightbors’ cell, and call the Hart family. Thank them for the invitation, telling them the original plan (Knox family at your house) is in full swing, and you will see them another time. Book the concert. Tell neighbors you are very sorry,but you have misplaced their cell phone.

     Option B:  Assume the Knox family scenario, tell the Hart family that the rock star is coming, and you’d love them to go with you. If they say, no, tell them you’d really rather go to the concert, and cross them off your Friends List.

     Option C:  Book the concert and don’t get your cell fixed for at least two months. Keep neighbors’ cell, and lock all doors.

     Option D:  Assume the negative on all fronts, stay home and have a pity party.

*Attempts to find logic or consistency in the above story are not recommended.