Tuesday, August 5, 2014


When men were asked which type of woman they would find most desirable, the statistics may be surprising:

Sweet, innocent            37%
Bold, experienced           54%
Don’t Know                              8%

The role that would make most men uncomfortable if filled by a woman:

Doctor            7%
Financial Planner           8%
Boss   12%
Car Mechanice           37%
Contractor                         13%
All equally    8%

The most important quality men look for in a woman:

Good cook 4%
Healthy sex drive 4%
Physical beauty 2%
Brains 30%
Sense of Humor 18%
Don’t know 4%

Surprise:  38%!!! Do you know what it is?

Six out of ten men polled believe that a good woman is hard to find.

Let me get this straight. The “adult” men polled want a bold, experienced woman  with brains and a sense of humor who can’t fix their car or engage in a lot of healthy sex???
No wonder they think a good woman is hard to find. Are they effen kidding me? And what about all the confused reponses. Were these guys watching the kickoff while they were answering the questions? 

Wait until you read Part III and find out the surprise. Put on your seat belts. The best is yet to come.

*The MAN who designed this page format was so busy looking at the Perfect Woman below that he neglected to line up the stats appropriately. What can I say? And they want brains? Yeah, right.