Monday, August 4, 2014


                                               THE PERFECT WOMAN (Part I of III)

     All women know that they possess numerous traits of “The Perfect Woman.”
After all, beauty and perfection are in the eyes of whoever finds us beautiful and perfect.
60 Minutes, however, decided to conduct a poll last year to find out what men would list as traits of the “Perfect Woman.” The standard they used to compare will surprise even the most savvy. (This will be in Part III--thus you must read blog 2 before you find out this incredible piece of information).

     The study included 990 adults nationwide (they neglected to define “the adult man”) who were interviewed by phone--random landlines as well as cell phones. The study did not mention what time the calls were made. This may seem irrelevant, but I am here to tell you that if you ask Mr. Wonderful a question at 9:00 a.m. and again at 2:36 p.m., the answers will be significantly different. The study also did not mention how many men hung up or what gender the caller was. A man answering these questions to a man might evoke different responses if asked by a woman. Just sayin’. So much for the science of polling.

Consider the following statistics:

Question 1:  What would you give up for the “perfect woman?”

20% his religion
17% his friends
15% his career
12% his home
only 6% would give up the surprise (any idea/)

Question 2:  What traits do you consider negative?
1/3 don’t like women who smoke (before, during or after?)
17% don’t like plastic surgery (on themselves or on the woman’s foot????)
11% don’t like overeaters (“over” what--”over” meaning over something else?)
8% don’t like drinkers (what is a drinker? 1 drink? 8 drinks? 19 drinks?)
6% don’t like cursers

Question 3: When asked to choose a star they could see marrying in their wildest dream. . . 

23%  ditzy Penny of Big Bang Theory
11% Gloria form Modern Family
8% Liz Lemon of 30 Rock
8% Alicia Florrick of The Good Wife
4% Olivia Pope - Scandal
3% Megan Draper - Mad Men

21% said they would prefer to remain a bachelor
23% were undecided

So, here are my conclusions:

  1. The “adult” men interviewed were under 40. Any man who can’t decide between Penny and Olivia or can’t even decide are not “adults.”
  2. Any man who would give up his religion and his career for the “Perfect Woman” must be a mama’s boy. Religion--maybe. Career-- nope.
  3. Any man who dislikes women who smoke must have some class, so therefore, the poll is not a total bust. (no pun intended)

Stay tuned for Part II of this fascinating discussion.