Friday, August 15, 2014


     Today I heard that sales of jeans/denim are down 6%. Omg. Since when does 6% a trend make? How many pairs of jeans hang in your closet (assuming you suspend your denim). I am into my seventh decade, and I have six pairs--four of which are denim. Mr. Wonderful hates jeans. He considers them “undignified” and appropriate only for going to rodeos. (I asked him if he would pop for the cost of the bull-riding so I could sport my denim bling in the right arena. He lifted a finger and grunted.)

     I like jeans. To be honest, I wear them with my stilettos because I think they are sexy, and I am proud that I can fit in them at my age. LIke any fashion, I believe the style should flatter your figure--not detract from it. Style experts have not consulted me, however, so I save my opinion for blogging and bucking the bull.

    Speaking of bull, you all know what GC (George Carlin) said about that, right?

     Another new trend (resurrected from my parents’ generation) is shuffleboard. Are you effen kidding me? There’s a bar in New York City where the 20-somethings through late 30s are flocking to the shuffleboard bar where they play the old-folks sport with a whole new flair. Note: bar included. This makes total sense to me. When I saw the owner playing the game in her stilettos, I had to laugh. Now this is my kind of shuffleboard:  Ivank Trumps, a Cointreau Cosmo and swhoosh--”Oh, for crying out loud!”