Thursday, August 21, 2014


Four-year-old to seven-year-old:  I just rode my bike all the way to the end of the driveway without my training wheels.

Seven-year-old:  I did that when I was 18 months.

Eleven-year-old to fourteen-year-old: I just got my first cell phone, and it has 29 games on it.

Fourteen-year-old:  I’ve had a cell since I was nine, and who only has 29 games? Lame.

Sixteen-year-old to twenty-something:  I just got my license, and I drove twenty miles by myself.

Twenty-something: Wow.

Thirty-something to forty-something:  We just got our first bonus check, and we’re heading for Switzerland.

Forty-something:  I bought this watch in Lucerne fifteen years ago with my first bonus.

Forty-something to fifty-something:  We sold our house in three days, and we made a killing.

Fifty-something:  We decided not to sell our house when we heard the mortage rates had increased 40%.

Sixty-something to seventy-year-old:  We are so busy in our retirement, we can’t find time to plan our next trip to Europe.

Seventy-something:  Who effen cares? I just rode my bike to the end of the driveway.