Monday, September 22, 2014

                                    SO BLUE

     Mr. Wonderful and I both enjoy blueberries on our cereal in the morning. At the “upscale” market yesterday, I was looking to pick up a pint. When I approached the stand, the sign read “$6.99.” Whaaat? Are you effen kiddin’ me? That’s outrageous.
I looked to my left, and there were some other blueberries amongst the raspberries, so I picked up the carton and looked for a price. There was none, so I just assumed that these were second class berries and less expensive than the others and put them in my cart.

     When I got home, I looked at the bill and realized that those I had bought were also $6.99.I was livid. What kind of hype is this? They let you think that the ones apart from the sign are cheaper, so you’ll buy them not realizing they are the same. Do I want to spend $4.00 in gas and aggravation to drive back to the store and complain. No.

     Guessing that there are probably 50 or so berries in this tiny box, that means that each one I consume costs .14. That’s almost $1.00 per bowl of cereal. Just how much pleasure can a person get from a single berry? 

I am so upset. I try so hard to spend as little as possible on our groceries so I have money left over for my Vince Camutos. Every berry I consume from now until the pint is gone will gripe my sole.