Thursday, September 11, 2014

                       MY BUNDLE OF ANNOY

     I have written about “bundling” before, but every time we get the phone bill, I start another slow burn. Because we “bundle” our phone service with our alarm system and because cell service can be disrupted in a storm, we continue to suffer with a land line. It’s like finding a guy you really like and being told that you can only have him if you take his senile Uncle Ralph from Biloxi too. 

     The main issue I have with the land line is that we have to have an ugly phone sitting on our counter with 13 feet of cord stuffed behind it. Now someone creative could figure out how to drill a hole in the counter and run the cord into the pan drawer, but I haven’t had the nerve to suggest that yet (it’s been eight years). Clearly, no one has a land line anymore but us. I tried to take a photo of it to illustrate this eye soar, but my phone couldn’t bring itself to send the photo to my desktop. I think the photo is stuck somewhere in my new cell between the I-Cloud and the Pacer App. 

     Who actually talks on a device that’s the size of an iron? (I haven’t used one of those since 1967 either). Pretty soon with all the new innovative devices, we will be able to just hold our elbows up to our mouths and connect with friends through our tendons.

     Ah, the joys of the creative lens:)