Saturday, September 27, 2014

                                                             CRAZY CLASSICS

A Farewell to Legs

A story about a young nurse who meets a handsome soldier during the war. They fall in love, but she trips on a wine bottle after their romantic tryst and breaks her shapely leg.
After that, she always had a leg up on him, so he left her.

Dr. Chicago

This novel involves a couple who fall in love in the dark damp Chicago winter. He is a med student whose name is,coincidentally, Fred Chicago, and she is a candy striper, nicknamed,Stick due to her lithe figure. They date between hospital shifts. When they ultimately decide to marry, they enroll in a dance class in town and learn the toddle. The rest is history.

Tale of Two Titties

This book has been banned. A Class DD action suit has been filed. People were seen lining up two abreast to get into the courtroom.

The Great Latch Key

This is a story of a wealthy entrepreneur who lived in a lavish mansion on an island. One day, he lost the key to the latch. The last anyone heard, he was pushing up daisies.