Saturday, September 13, 2014

                                                            FIFTEEN Candles

     I am convinced there is a light-bulb conspiracy. Three-way bulbs are really only TWO-way. Yup. The first setting, the warm, cozy, curl-up-in-a-ball-read-a-book setting lasts about 72 hours and then it’s gone. What is this? You pay for three ways, and you only get two? To whom does one complain? I know Edison has been gone for some time. There is no “bulb-buddy” app or specialist at the stores. You can’t even ask a question about light bulbs at a store anymore. The bulbs are back in the Jockey short section of most box stores. I guess the promoters are trying to light up the package;)

     I have friends who say our home is like coming to a cave. This is probably true. I like it dim and cozy. I only turn the two-way to the first super bright setting when I’m absolutely desperate to locate the curly fry I dropped on the floor or when I am attempting to decipher a number in the phone book, now the size of a book of matches. (I guess people don’t use phones or phone books anymore.)

     I try to use candles when we have dinner parties, but Mr. Wonderful claims he’s allergic to the wax. What? He isn’t allergic to the candle in the bedroom, so why is he allergic to the ones on the dining room table? Hmm. I know. I’m going to trick him. I will bring the bedroom candle to the dining room table when he’s not looking and see what happens:)